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Woody explains how "leasing" a brand can help grow your business.

Questions Frequently Asked About Licensing

Why should I hire a licensing consultant?

Licensing is a business of relationships. Over the years, Building Q has formed meaningful relationships with the licensors with whom you would want to work. Building Q and its staff has worked with almost every licensing organization, and continues to have excellent relationships with them. This door-opening ability provides our clients with an inside track to success.

How is Building Q compensated?

Building Q is compensated in two ways. Our clients pay a monthly retainer that acts as a draw against earned commissions - Building Q earns a 1% — 2% commission on sales of your licensed products. On occasion Building Q is employed on a project basis for that licensee not interested in building a program, but rather is looking for one license to help build their business.

What if you are already representing someone within my product category?

We do not represent more than one client in any product category. We deal in confidential information and make strategic recommendations. It would be inappropriate to be working at cross-purposes with the manufacturers we advise.

What does Building Q stand for?

Truth, justice and the American way. No really, the company’s roots lie within an office complex in Cherry Hill, NJ where our first home was actually in "Building Q". Woody thought it was a more catchy and hip name for the company than "Woody Browne and Associates."

When is the right time to secure a license?

Timing is always a sensitive issue. It is very unique to your business. Specific trade introduction windows limit some manufacturers; others are limited by long import lead times. The timing on the decision to commit to a license is also an open issue. Competition and confidence are two key components.

If we retain Building Q, how long will it take to secure a license?

Timing here is not an issue, strategy is. There are far more licenses available than manufacturers, or shelf space for that matter. We can get you a license tomorrow. The real question is how long will it take to find the right opportunity for you, your category, and your marketing needs – and that question can’t be answered in general terms.